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    Since 1977, AWW has been sustaining a solidrelationship with water professionals throughout the Middle East & North African (MENA)region. As the leading B2B magazine serving the Water, Wastewater, Desalination& Energy sectors,  AWW has long been the vital link between MENA watercommunity and international manufacturers, producers, exporters, etc.

    AWW’s print and digital circulation is characterized by itsquantity and quality. To us credibility & transparency are paramounthence  we plan to pursue a BPA auditing program during 2013. AWW has long enjoyed a closepartnership with leading water-related event organizers in MENA and beyondwhere it holds the status
    of official or regional magazine and where bonus copies are distributedto event exhibitors, visitors and conference attendees.


    In short, AWW is your ideal partner whether you wish to gainaccurate and up-to-date insight on the water industryor whether you wish to gain maximum exposure to your company’s products andservices.


    AWW Content: Relevant, Insightful, Cutting-Edge and Trustworthy!


    AWW provides valuable and trustworthy content to ensure a comprehensiveand clear coverage of the water industry’smost important topics. The information is presented in an analytical mannerincluding technology comparisonsand product / service reviews with informative charts and tables, to helpreaders set their strategies 
    in an increasingly competitive market.

    AWW’s content is prepared by a team of editors & researchersbased on respected and trusted sources to ensurethat the latest regional and international market trends are appropriatelycovered. Honorary Editorial Consultant(HEC) members (Leading and authoritative figures in the water industry highlyrecognized for their scientific, 
    technical or trade achievements) also contribute actively to AWW’s content byproviding recommendations or submitting  articles as per the editorialprogram.

    AWW’s varied sections cover the latest technological innovationsand the most important projects and developmentsin the regional Water,Wastewater, Desalination & Energy sectors. AWW also covers recent andcoming major water events in MENA & beyond.