Generating Water Is Making Progress

    An atmospheric water generator (AWG) is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. Water vapor in the air is condensed by cooling the air below its dew point, exposing the air to desiccants, or pressurizing the air. AWGs are useful where pure drinking water is inaccessible. The extraction of atmospheric water may use significant input of energy. It could take 310 kWh to make 1 kiloliter of water. According to Grandview Research, the global AWG market size was USD919 Million in 2015 and is expected to witness growth at a CAGR of 20% over to 2024. There is increasing demand for product in large scale industries including paper, oil & gas, and steel with most of the products available in the market requiring substantial electricity however, solar panels are anticipated to open new avenues for growth. Demand for these machines in the residential application was valued over USD14 million in 2015 and is expected to grow at CAGR of over 14% from 2016 to 2024. 

    A high capital cost which lies between USD900-2000 with a potential to produce water about 30 - 150 liters/day is expected to be a key concern for the buyers from residential applications. Commercial applications are expected to witness highest growth, of over 19%. MEA demand for the machines was valued over USD125 million in 2015. The UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science is developing ‘electrical seeding’ of clouds, a pollution-free theoretical concept that studies the effect of electrical charges on rain-bearing clouds. An innovative aspect is the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to artificially modify the electrical properties of the clouds. 

    The August / September 2017 issue of Arab Water World (AWW) magazine covers a number of interesting projects and topics. On page 07, the article describes the ozonation process in water treatment. The article on page 17 discusses the various methods of trenchless technology. Moreover, the article on page 24 highlights the smart water management market. This issue is also abounded with a number of technical articles, country reports as well as news about latest innovations and market trends. Your comments and remarks are appreciated; please don’t hesitate to contact us at

    Fathi Chatila