Water Purification System: The New Emerging Trend in MENA

    Residential water treatment devices help eradicate undesirable chemicals, gases, suspended solids or biological contaminants from water making it safe to consume. The residential water treatment devices market has been experiencing stable growth over the years due to: improved availability of purification and filtration devices, wide product choice, and growth in population that increased contamination of fresh water sources and rise in construction of new residential buildings.

    Total population of the Middle East & Africa stood at approximately 346 million in 2015 and is expected to grow at a rate of 2% per annum, according to Future Market Insights. The region’s market is also witnessing mass migration of people to urban centers, thus increased demand for water purifiers. Economies of North Africa, on the other hand, have also been expanding at a healthy growth rates in the last few years, a factor which in turn is expected to further fuel growth of the overall residential water treatment devices market in the MEA region. GCC region is witnessing entry of globally established water purifier brands, which has resulted into increased competition in the market. Increased competition, in turn, ensures marginal decline in price of residential water treatment devices in the retail market. Around 44% of the Middle East & Africa population still lives in rural area and is not aware about the necessity and techniques of purifying and filtering water. Penetrating these markets may be a challenging task for the concerned market participants, as most of the vendors will have to begin by creating awareness regarding the importance of water purifiers and filters. The combination water purification system’ is a new emerging trend that is likely to gain ground in the coming years.

    The October 2017 issue of Arab Water World (AWW) magazine covers a number of interesting projects and topics. On page 08, the article describes the role in ultrafiltration pumps in water treatment. The article on page 12 sheds the light on a sludge dewatering and processing model. Moreover, the article on page 16 highlights solar desalination in MENA. This issue is also abounded with a number of technical articles, country reports as well as news about latest innovations and market trends. Your comments and remarks are appreciated; please don’t hesitate to contact us at content@cph.world

    Fathi Chatila