Press Releases

    The First of its Kind

    In 2012, the HyDOZ® ozone disinfection pilot began with the goal to further improve the treated water quality from the Paul R. Noland Water Resource Recovery Facility. This pilot was used to confirm system sizing as well as familiarize the plant’s staff with the operation and expectations of an ozone disinfection system. The positive results from this pilot prompted the City of Fayetteville to select BlueInGreen’s turnkey HyDOZ® ozone disinfection system for a full-scale installation. The contractor, JL Bry-son, Inc., began construction and installation in late 2015, with full system startup taking place in March of 2016. Ozone is one of the strongest available oxidants used in wastewater disinfection, with an oxidation potential, or its ability to interact with and break down compounds and microorganisms, 1.5 times higher than that of chlorine. The HyDOZ® system pumps a sidestream of water through a saturation vessel to elevate the pressure at which the ozone gas is dissolved, allowing for higher concentrations of ozone at lower water flow rates. The high dissolved oxygen generated by the ozone system has allowed the facility to operate without the need of its post-aeration equipment to maintain the ecosystem quality in the receiving stream. Ozone also produces clearer and fresher water, demonstrating the City of Fayetteville's commitment to providing state-of-the-art technology that protects the natural beauty of Arkansas. In addition, ozone is very effective in the reduction of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs), man-made compounds that have made their way into the wastewater, posing a threat to environmental health. A few examples of these compounds include pharmaceuticals, detergents and pesticides. The 2012 pilot of the HyDOZ® disinfection system showed an average 80 percent reduction of these compounds found in the plant’s effluent. With the installation of the HyDOZ®, the City of Fayetteville continues its long record of environmental stewardship to maintain the high quality of life for its citizens.