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    Arab Water World (AWW) magazine, published on a monthly basis since 1977 in a bi-lingual (English – Arabic) format by CPH World Media, is a leading B2B magazine that provides information about the latest developments and technologies related to the Water,Wastewater, Desalination & Energy sectors.
    Over 7500 printed copies of each AWW issue are distributed monthly to decision makers in leading private and public companies located in the MENA region involved in the water industry. Notifications are sent via email to over 29200 leading water-related companies located mostly in the MENA region to enable them download AWW issues as PDF documents or to browse them online.
    Bonus copies of AWW magazine are distributed at leading water-related events held in the MENA region and beyond where AWW is generally recognized by organizers as either an official or a supporting magazine.

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    Mr.Fathi Chatila • Mrs. Mona Chatila (1944 - 2006)


    President & Publisher Fathi Chatila / f.chatila@

    Administrative / Business Development Manager  Mohamad Rabih Chatila / r.chatila@

    Administrative Officer Ali Zaraket / a.zaraket@

    Interim HR Manager Abdul Rahman Hallak / ar.hallak@

    Editorial & Research

    Editor-in-Chief Fathi Chatila / f.chatila@

    Content Editor & Researcher Fatima Saab / f.saab@

    Circulation & Marketing

    Circulation & Marketing Manager Jad Aboulhosn / j.aboulhosn@ 

    Mail & Services

    Mail & Services Manager Abdul Rahman Hallak / ar.hallak@

    Mail & Services Officer Ali Zaraket / a.zaraket@

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    Graphic & Web Designer Shatha Yahfoufi / s.yahfoufi@


    Arab Water World (AWW) magazine can be received monthly by subscription. The yearly subscription rate to AWW is:



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    Further information on multi-year subscription rates and membership privileges can be found on the inserted subscription & membership card. For special student and group/bulk subsription rates, please send your request to Mr. Jad Aboulhosn (Circulation & Marketing Manager) at:


    General Information

    Editorial Regulations

    Since we always aim at providing our readers with the latest and most essential editorial content, and since we try to act as an information bridge between high-tech countries and developing countries of the MENA region, we hereby mention the conditions for publishing editorial material in AWW, hoping that these instructions will be respected by authors. The AWW editorial material is divided into articles and press releases. The press release is 250 to 750 words, while the article is 1500 to 3000 words. The English article has at its end an Arabic translation (one third of the original article), and vice versa. The article is published for free, and a proper acknowledgement is made at its end. All material submitted to the publisher (CPH World Media) and relating to AWW will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication under copyright subject to the editor’s unrestricted right to edit and offer editorial comment. AWW assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material or for the accuracy of information thus received. AWW assumes, in addition, no obligation for return postage of material if not explicitly requested. Editorial material (text & photos) can be sent to Editorial, & Research Department by air-mail (see posted address below or email at (text as MS Word document accompanied with two or more images having a resolution of 300 DPI or above).