Tormac: The Genuine From India for Delivering Quality Products

    Naargo Industries Private Limited, one of the well-known manufacturers of pumps and motors is owned by veterans who are in the pump industry for about half a century.  The products are employed in various applications like irrigation, domestic, civil construction, de-watering etc. The company has a strong distribution network in India and a strong global presence. Quality is the key factor in Naargo’s products. The expansive infrastructure and environment accredited with ISO 9001 quality certification, latest engineering soft wares, high-tech machinery, futuristic pumping technology and high caliber workforce facilitate the production of flawless and efficient products on par with international standards under the brand name of “TORMAC”.  The well-equipped R&D wing stays alive to the changing global trends and comes out with viable solutions for innovative product development and up gradation.

    Tormac submersible motor makes the difference
    There is a lot riding on motors. The fact of the matter is if the motor isn’t of the finest quality it has a direct bearing on the pump. Motors are sensitive to power failures and most often pump failure impacts motor performance too. That is why it is imperative that the quality standards of the motor are truly high. Tormac motors are truly world class and offers advantages that not many brands can match internationally. Apart from that, unlike other brands, Tormac is directly involved in the manufacture of motors so as to ensure that customers get the advantage of not only superior quality but easy access to components, spares and low cost service. The company also provides training at the distributor level to meet customer requirements at all times.  So when customers buy a Tormac motor they are assured of not only reliable performance but also durability that will last a lifetime. Tormac motors is the right choice for customers who look for long term performance and from regions where the vagaries of power -  high voltage fluctuations, improper power supplies- affect the products performance and life time. All Tormac Motors are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 standards and mounting dimensions with NEMA standard. Tormac Submersible Motors are rewindable type water filled motors 4” – 10” sizes with max rating up to 300 HP in DOL and SD connections. 50 Hz & 60 Hz, with different voltage options, 220 V, 230 V, 380 V, 415 V, 440 V, 460 V, 575 V options are available.  The range also includes 4” Oil filled motors -1 phase 0.5hp to 3.0hp & 3 phases with a rating up to 10Hp. 

    Customers also get the advantage fully stainless steel constructions and the company offers customized construction based on requirements. Apart from that, IP 58 / IP68, Oil seal and mechanical seal versions are available depending on the applications. Different winding types – PVC, Polywrap, XLPE, and PE2 - for different applications, high temperature area, mining applications, deep boreholes, irrigation, water treatment plants and dewatering applications are on offer. The stator shell, housing shell, and motor base are made of fabricated AISI 304 / 316 materials which prevent the motor from corrosion. Specially designed high performance thrust bearings are used that can with stand high axial thrust loads and up thrust loads with wear and tear.  The motors can withstand wide voltage fluctuations, high field temperatures, and are easily rewindable. 

    These Motors are manufactured at the company’s high tech facilities employing innovative technology. Every single product that rolls out of the factory is put through a battery of tests to ensure fail safe performances at all times. Given Tormac’s commitment to quality, the motors are nothing but world class. Reason why customers across the world rely on Tormac to deliver on the promise. As a company committed to innovation, quality and service, Tormac, has always looked at customer demands and requirements to ensure that their needs are met with innovative solutions. The company has a strong global presence and have found wide acceptance in diverse markets by virtue of superlative product performances. Also, the fact that Tormac designs pumps that are country specific adds to the acceptance factor.